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Thread: arranging equipment

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    good afternoon
    im only starting out with home recording, i cant figure out where in the series the pre-amp goes for recording nice warm vocals.
    im using a shure 58 mic into an unpowered mixing desk into minidisc into monitors. i just need to know if this series would work and where in the series the pre-amp should go?

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    Yo Roberto:

    Just find a couple of Shamrocks man and all will be cool.

    But, really, you can run your mic into the mic preamp; then, run it out of the preamp to about anyplace you want to go, usually, a recorder.

    Make sure that if your mic requires phantom power that you have it wherever you run it in. Like my ART mic pre has built in phantom power, as well, so does my Yamaha MD-8.

    From that point on, you record and then the tough job; you mix all the tracks and tweak them and add FX and pull out your hair and try to catch a Leprechan to do it all for you.

    Green Hornet

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