Hopefully this specific topic hasn't been done before, I searched for threads on the alesis multimix 16 firewire and checked a couple of pages, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for.

Here's the lowdown: I bought the alesis 2nd hand, off ebay, have tried recording with the 2TK phono outputs and everything works fine. This is my first encounter with a firewire device so I don't know what the HELLL is going on...

The device came with no CD or anything, so I downloaded the drivers from the Alesis website, and I made sure it was the updated firmware and all that sorta schmutz that I've seen people recommend on other threads. These still don't work for me though, they don't find my mixer at all...yet when I open the cubase device setup it finds it among my ASIO drivers...when i try to change the driver it just tells me "Cannot open Alesis Firewire (Error:2)" - even with the updated control panel and firmware installed, it still isn't finding the mixer.

Also, the XP control panel is telling me that all the IEEE1394 devices I have connected are functioning properly...

I just got the mixer, so I also bought a new PCI card and two brand new firewire cables, but could these still be the problem? I haven't got a clue what's going on and need a professional diagnosis from someone.

Here are my pc specs (not sure about the brand of PCI card btw):

Windows XP Home Service Pack 2
AMD Sempron Processor
1.81Ghz, 2GB RAM
Cubase SX3