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Thread: Acid Pro 7 vs Reaper

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    Acid Pro 7 vs Reaper

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    Hey all, long time no see!

    Love the look of the new site btw, kudos....

    I have been using Acid Pro 6 whenever I do any recording stuff and although I don't have a ton of experience using anything, its easy enough for me to do the things I need to do. Typically I am just recording my acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum machine and then vocals.

    Since I have been using Acid this whole time, I now have a chance to get Acid Pro 7. As I was searching the forums for software advice I saw a lot of mention of Reaper. Should I start over and learn Reaper or just go with Acid Pro 7 since I am semi familiar with it? Is Reaper that much better?

    Thanks in advance!

    - cincy
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    You can try Reaper for free. I have never used Acid Pro 7 so I can't give you a feature comparison. But Reaper is quite popular with the kids these days
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