I'm a big fan of orchestral, film score-type soundtracks. I've been making music for a long time but only since about a year ago started sketching and shaping compositions. It's such a different way of building than 'regular' tracks and really challenging, which I like.

I'm working on a new soundtrack and I want to manifest a clip. Something nice and unique. I am, however, very limited when it comes to video-editing. I now some basics. Unfortunately my computer is somewhat of a dinosaur so I've tried to work with After Effects and other stuff from Adobe, but it's just too glitchy. The best I can atm create are slideshows with images, that's about the max of cpu it can handle.

So, I'm looking for someone - and I know this is a reach - who enjoys orchestral sounds & is into video-editing & wants to collaborate. I will be looking all over the web and all around me for people with similar interests and skills in video-editing to try to get this going, but I thought why not have a look on a forum first. Maybe some of you know great people or have advice & thoughts.

Here's a piece for which I created an image slideshow. It's really basic but I thought it was kinda cool haha

Anyway, have a good one