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Thread: Music videos needed for singer with bells palsy

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    Music videos needed for singer with bells palsy

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    I am a singer/songwriter. 12 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. When they removed the tumour, they severed the nerves on one side of my face, leaving me with Bells Palsy. I have since written and am recording my first album of original music (titled 'my cure'). The album has 10 songs and I want as many videos as possible to help reach a wide audience online.
    I do not want to appear in the videos. Not without a lot of convincing as I find it difficult to watch myself since the operation. But the songs are good and need videos. 3 of the songs are duets with female singers. All songs have acoustic guitar. Some have drums and bass. Most have cello. Mixture of styles from rock, indie, folk and country but it's all fairly chilled. Songs cover themes such as dealing with my diagnoses, finding love, losing love, depression, meaning of life and even a lullaby.
    I am looking for options. Music has not made me much money in the past (previously only played covers) but these songs are decent and deserve an audience and for decent videos to help find their audience.

    I don't have much mone but am prepared to pay money to promote the videos globally online. I am open minded on concept. Perhaps this would suit a student or a professional/enthusiast that is interested in my story and likes my music.

    I can share demos with interested individuals. We are due to finish mastering in July.
    You can view info about me as well as hear previous covers and see videos at:

    Email me at

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    You might try some of the task for hire sites - like Fiverr, etc.
    There's a pretty good Medium piece about a guy who wrote, recorded, made a video for, and promoted a song using those services that might give you some tips for how to go about it.
    It cost him $300 for one song, but if you've already done the writing/recording/promoting, it should be way cheaper.

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    Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. I'll take a look.

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