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Thread: Music Video with 5 song promo in 2 minutes from Pete. Advice and Input? Thank you!

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    Music Video with 5 song promo in 2 minutes from Pete. Advice and Input? Thank you!

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    Please review the 2 minute video I created that demos all 5 of my original songs. I would greatly appreciate input from the experts here and evaluation of the video and which song you liked best. Thank you so much! Pete

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    You might want to work on your cross-fades, the audio cuts audibly between songs. There's also a loud click at 1:37
    You also have some distortion on the audio.

    What's your intent with this video? What are you trying to promote? Album sales? Licensing for tv/film sync? Your live show?

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    The smiles look like they're painted on.
    Crossfades def. need attention as does the effect used on the voice - it doesn't sit in the mix.

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