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Thread: Making L O F I HipHop VIDEO!

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    Making L O F I HipHop VIDEO!

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    Edited and produced by myself. Does it look alright? If you dig it enough a subscription would be the cherry on the cake lol

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    your shit list :o
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    It's a nice, simple tune. Interesting concept with the fish eye lens... a real "bedroom recording."

    Also listened to the track in your sig: I'm not up on the latest in the genre (hip-hop styles)... but the rap is pretty good, nice flow. The female vocal sounds nice.
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    cool video-I like all the sounds you're getting-the kick and snare are punchy and i like the tone of they keyboard. The high hat riff sounded a bit off or at least unnatural to me is my only critique. If you ever need a guitar track give me a yell, would be cool to play over a nice groove like this!
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