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Thread: Free Video Editor

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    I've recently adopted DaVinci Resolve, which is the Blackmagic product that Rob mentioned above. Having used Vegas/Sony/Magix Movie Studio Platinum and Adobe Premiere Elements 15 (which each sell for about $100), I'm really in love with Resolve (which sells for $0).

    It's not simple, and there's definitely a learning curve. But it's solid and stable, makes great use of GPU acceleration for both display AND rendering into H.264, and wraps all of the tools you need into one workflow in a single application. Magix and PE, on the other hand, were unstable, made no use of GPU for rendering (despite Magix advertising that it can...but it can't), and were constant irritations to me for a host of reasons. Resolve has been a breath of fresh air for me as a total amateur video editor.

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    Hello, Iím very new to video editing and pretty new to this forum (I lurk but have rarely posted). I did some googling and eventually settled on Lightworks as my editor. Itís totally free and, whilst tricky to get the hang of, incredibly powerful. Surprised not to see it mentioned here so felt compelled to post lol.


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