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Thread: Seedy Side of Heaven

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    Cool bassline, Robus, and nice guitar tones again. A little spikey at times still like Nola said, but not harsh at all. Not sure if you've tried compressing them a little or not yet, but a touch of an 1176 plug on them would probably do the job and sound great. If you already did something like that, then maybe just up the attack a tad more.

    Really like the two lead lines playing with each other at the 2:34 mark, in the pre-chorus I think it was (and again at 3:20). The melody at 3:10 is great, nice stuff there, had to listen a few times, super cool. Great depth with whatever subtle reverbs you're using on those leads.

    The vocal sounded decent, but I don't want to analyze it too much since you plan on replacing it. Drums sounded good, but I know you're replacing those too.

    Very good song overall.
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    Thanks Johnny. No reverb on my guitars, ever, or any ITB FX besides a high pass at about 100Hz. I'm bucking conventional wisdom and tracking all my guitar FX. In this case, it's just delay.

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