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Thread: Looking Out On Mackinaw with Nick and Dave.

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    Well, here's what we've recorded so far:

    1. Tall Order
    2. Looking out on Mackinaw
    3. Island Hopping
    4. Standing on the Corner in the Rain
    5. Delilah
    6. Cadillac Express
    7. On the Quarterdeck
    8. Light em up
    9. Let the Wells Run Dry
    10. I'll Tell You Something

    Crop Circles will be the next one coming up soon. That will make eleven.

    Dave has maybe four more of my songs in his drum queue. Plus a cover of a song my sister wrote with her band. We will have to decide which of those are album tracks. I'm hopeful we can finish it this summer.

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    Think this one has become my favorite. I actually couldn't sleep and had the tune stuck in my head, so I got out of bed to listen to it. "Parted" is still too loud, fyi. Maybe you'll change it later. Man, those background vocals sound great. And those verses drive really nice, and I really love the chord progression. I could hear the vocals up about .5 db overall. Extra props to Nick for bringing these tunes to life...he really gives them exactly what they are begging for, a nice intimate performance. Some great road trip, up-north-kinda-tunes.

    edit: forgot to mention that this is brilliant lyrically. The verses especially. So much imagery. And I can't recall a single tune making use of the word "asunder". F'in great Ray. The "like a dream that catches" parts, but with alternating lyrics each time, is just as great.

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    Robus - I simply listened to the song uncritically, which is not exactly what you asked for, and enjoyed it tremendously. It has that "70's" MOR feel to me and is very listenable, well-recorded, well-mixed, and well-written. Good job. If I hear anything to add which might be helpful beyond that which the others have already offered I will offer my observation. Such a nice song and performance!!!!
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    This is real chill, I have no major criticism of the latest mix you've posted. I personally like a little more crack in my snare, but not much.

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    Yeah, agree with Taras - "Parted" at 1:06 is way too loud.

    Drums are mixed great IMO. All the tom hits are nice and full. Love the bass drum sound. Great attack and thud IMO. Don't need the fwap on a tune like this.

    At the very end the left channel cuts out abruptly, and before that I can hear you moving or something. Maybe put a fade on that, clean it up somehow.
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