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Thread: How's this mix?

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    Question How's this mix?

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    It was recorded live in a pub lounge.

    Vocals - Neumann KMS 105 through Focusrite ISA One

    Guitar L - Beta 58
    Guitar R - SM27 into Liquid channel on Saffire 56 set to Neve 1073
    Guitar DI through Focusrite DI

    El. Guitar into Liquid Channel on Saffire 56 set to LA-610
    Bass cab mic'd with SM58 through LA-610

    Kick - sE X1R
    Snare - SM57
    Rack Tom - SM58
    Floor Tom - SM58
    OH L - Lewitt LCT140
    OH R - Neumann TLM102

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    Typing while listening:

    Acoustic guitar sounds good! I like it a lot.

    The vocals are a bit loud (or the guitar is a bit quiet) at the beginning. The vocals cover the guitars up a bit during the verse, so I'm thinking less vocal volume (or some compression) and if that makes the vocals get lost, EQ as necessary to make them sit better.

    The drum crash hits are too loud, dial those back. Listening to the loudest part now: it's pretty tough to hear the guitars. Drums and bass seem too loud.

    (song's over now)
    Overall it sounds good! I like the song a lot! The vocals definitely need to come down in quite a few parts, I think that will help it out a lot. Tweak that loudest part too to get everything more balanced. Looking forward to hearing more as you work on it! Sounds good!

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    I thought this was a good live recording. I agree with wolverine's nits.

    You might want to roll off the very low end of the bass. Sounds a little rumbly.

    Heard some pops here and there.

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    Sounds pretty good. You guys are tight live . Automation will really help you with this mix. Perhaps you could use the kick to duck the bass. Some changes in eq or something are necessary smooth out the eq. Double tracking the vocals in the harder part may sound nice but IMHO.

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