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Love the subtle echo on the vocal (If it's supposed to ping pong, it's a bit too subtle. Only heard one line come through on the right.)

Listen to all the EXTRAS going on. Good synth & guitars filling the spaces.

If I didn't know the drums were programmed, I wouldn't be able to tell. Very human.
I experimented with a ping pong delay, yes, and unfortunately only one word comes through on the R side before it cuts out. Too many settings in my delay plug that got me frustrated. You're totally right though, nice catch.

Thanks about the extras...I always try to fill up dead spots and layer things underneath for a warmer texture. Of course, sometimes less can be more, so I try to make sure I'm not overdoing it. I think I'm improving in that area.

And thanks for the drums comment too. I've gotten rather meticulous about programming them since the slightest gaffe can ruin the illusion. Note by note, I go over everything. I really wanted to rewrite the drums, but I didn't have the MIDI file... combing over it would've been my preference.

Thanks a lot for the listen and comment. Means a lot to me