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Thread: When setting everything to infinity

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    He must have said unity as that is what he's done in the 2nd mix photo. I agree with this philosophy-get the mix more or less happening adjusting the actual clip volume(s), then use the fader to fine tune as the gradation of level change is smallest around 0 so you can get more detailed fine tuning....So between the 2 photos if he/you adjusted the clip volumes inversely to how they moved to be at "0" on the console view your mix wouldn't have changed, but you would have gained some flexibility all other things being done correctly. Just my opinion. Studio one has where you can drag the clips up and down, very easy to get a quick mix going before you touch a console view, i remember pro tools 9 you had to use a gain plug in and re render-was kind of annoying and behind the times, not sure how your software handles it...
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    Very grateful guys, I'm using Adobe Audition.....I go back to the days of Cool Edit Pro and its what I'm most comfortable with. Yes stratomaster I could of been confused with the whole unity - infinity terminology and may have got it mixed up when I was searching up this whole issue. Definitely feeling really good about it now though, great idea regarding grouping the faders to turn everything down and I think I will amplify the waveform rather than crank the fader up to +12... Such a relief to know I dont have to go back and re mix every song. Thanks all.

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