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Thread: vocal low & high pass filter

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    Vhen I record vocals I use the low and high pass filter.

    My problem is : I am not sure which frequencies I have to get rid off

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    None at all, unless there is some frequencies you WANT to get rid of. Then you should get rid of these. It's as simple and as complicated, as that.

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    It is common to roll off 100Hz and lower if needed,
    as the lower side of the sprectrum is filled by the kick and bass.
    Also a roll off can sometimes benefit the vocals to clear it up. Defenitly if it is to boomy.
    An add addition to this would be hoter levels due to the low freq's not taking up room.

    With all this said ....... Dont just grab the EQ. First read Regbro's post.

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    I also agree with Shailat about rolling off 100 Hz and below. Depending on the song, I have rolled off up to 140 Hz with a gentle slope filter. But it depends. Usually on background vocals, I may roll off a bit higher. I have never rolled off anything on the top end. That's where all of the sparkly stuff is. Keep in mind that I rarely use EQ during recording (mainly just a high pass filter set at about 85 Hz). Most of my EQing, including high pass filtering beyond 85 Hz is done at mixdown. I agree strongly with the guys above. If you are not SURe how to properly use something (e.g. EQ), don't use it during recording. Record everything flat and play around with settings during mixdown.

    Rev E

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