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Thread: Mixing in mono or stereo tracks??

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    Mixing in mono or stereo tracks??

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    Is it best to mix a beat with mono tracks or stereo?

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    Depends on the beat.....

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    Are the beats mono or stereo to start with? Stick with the way they start out.
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    how you record it stereo -mono- there are no rules. I use mixdown in stereo, but used to switch the signal stereo/mono with my monitor controller I made or now inside the daw since I got cubase7.
    that away I can hear my mono combatibility, and how the tracks sit distance wise in the mix. in mono the loudest track will be approx 3db louder when compared to stereo. I mix closer then eq the things that like to walk on top of each other, then if I need the tracks to have the frequencies I cut out, I start play with ducking technics.

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