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Thread: Mic preamp vst and saturation vst

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    "In the video above the guy stresses to make use of saturation to maximise the loudness potential of our mixes. I would assume that he has already tracked everything using decent pre's"..

    Well, with a stock Mixbus DAW, all that is already in the channels, and busses. Ya, more can be better : )

    Just a older version on this computer - v3.7
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    Quote Originally Posted by miroslav View Post
    Not at all, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. My point was that complex chains have become the norm on most tracks and then again final mixes for many people...and I find it hard to believe that much is needed for most of the time... then again, maybe it's not, and people just can't help themselves...adding a little bit of everything just because it's there in their VST menu.

    Speaking of your complex vocal tracks...I just did something along those lines, mainly for the sake of experimentation...split the track, different reverb, dual but different compression, EQ...(no delay)...and then blending the two. It was one way of getting a vocal sound, but I'm sure I could have kept the processing much leaner, and still gotten to a good sound.

    Your "formula" that you used...was that from some big-name mixer's site, or just something you saw and thought it an interesting experiment? If you have the actual "formula" I would be curious to see what it's about....unless it's some "proprietary" mixing secret.
    Article has a dumb name haha. Oh well. It worked decently enough for me in this application. Recording attached.

    How to Mix In-Your-Face Rock Vocals
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibleedburgundy View Post
    Article has a dumb name haha. Oh well. It worked decently enough for me in this application. Recording attached.

    How to Mix In-Your-Face Rock Vocals
    That's pretty close to my process. Editing, EQ, de-ess, compression, reverb, delay, then to a bus for a little more EQ and compression.

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