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Thread: Mackie 1202 inserts - "loose"

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    Mackie 1202 inserts - "loose"

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    I recently got a 1202-VLZ. I'm using the INSERTs to send signals to my soundcard.

    Mackie uses this "first-click"/ "second click" design. I've got my cables (Neutrik connectors) plugged "first-click" (which does not interrupt the signal to the MAIN OUT). The problem is that the connection is loose and the cable moves around a bit, causing me to occasionally lose the signal to the soundcard.

    An alternative would be to use the "second click" (which interrupts the signal to MAIN OUT) and monitor via software but I would prefer not to.

    Another alternative is to use the AUX sends. There are two and they are mono. AUX1 is pre-gain and AUX2 is post-gain, so if I'm doing anything in stereo I'll have problems. And if I need more than 2 I'll be out of luck.

    Anyone have the same problem and/or have a solution?

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    I have a solution. Replace the 1/4" mono phono plug on the insert end of your patch cable with a stereo 1/4" phono and short the tip and ring together which of course is soldered to the center conductor of your cable. Then you can fully seat the connector in the insert port and the wiggle will be gone and shorting pins 2 and 3 (tip and ring) keeps the circuit and you can monitor like you were.

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    Kick Ass!!!

    I've been looking for a way to do the same thing. Now I won't have to route from the C-Port back into the mixer. It'll break my heart to splice my monstor cables (it would even more if I had Neutrik), but it'll be worth it.

    Thanks for the info

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    The rewiring idea is the best one. My 1402 board is the same way, I wedge a piece of folded cardboard inbetween plug bodies. Keeps them solid in the meantime.

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    Lightbulb Re: Mackie 1202 inserts - "loose"


    > the connection is loose and the cable moves around a bit, causing me to occasionally lose the signal to the soundcard. <

    The easiest fix is to get an adapter you can insert fully into the 1/4-inch plug, and sends the ring connection out the other end. Radio Shack has exactly what you want, but you won't find it in stores and have to get it from their web site.

    I bought 20 of them a while ago just because so many of my friends and clients have this problem. They're less than $2 each at The part number is 274-1520C.


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