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Thread: Does this mixer exist?

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    Easlern. I bought a used Presonus Studiolive 24 channel mixer about 8 months ago. It is the 24.4.2 classic version (they have newer generations of studiolive boxes out since that one). Not sure I would ever need the features on the current versions, but they do some cool things. They also come in the 16 channel and 32 channel variety too.

    Anyway, I've got it plugged into the computer at home via firewire. Mics, keyboard and guitars all plug into that and on to the DAW. Seems like you are looking for a similar set-up to mine. I have really been impressed with it. Yes the fat channel can be used on each and every track. I haven't noticed a noise problem with it. It was a good answer to my home studio desk needs.

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    That one looks great! I considered getting it but decided against it because it had more than I actually needed. 24 channels would be awesome to have but Iím not sure it would fit comfortably in my room.

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    Behringer X18 or XR18 will do everything you are asking for. You need to mix from a laptop/computer or tablet of course, but at half the price of the Presonus it's worth considering.

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