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Thread: Would anyone be interested in re-mixing my album?

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    Would anyone be interested in re-mixing my album?

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    Hello everyone,

    Just checking to see if anyone would be interested in re-mixing this album I wrote:

    I do not have any of the stems ready/uploaded as it's going to take a bit of time get organised, but I don't want to go through that work if no one's interested.

    Thanks a lot!

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    can you upload the stems to your favourite track on the album? I am not sure about mixing an entire album, but I would be willing to mix a track from the album.

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    I have a weakness for prog.

    But I sadly don't have enough free time to commit to remixing an entire album. The youtube mix is good though. Are you sure it doesn't just need some tinkering, maybe a fresh set of ears by a mastering engineer? What is it you don't like about the mix?
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