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Thread: Music for an Indie Video Game

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    Music for an Indie Video Game

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    Hi there

    We are a team of of four independent german video game developers. As of now, we are working on a game for a very limited, but hard core audience. It is short Action Adventure, all about the history of an old football (soccer) stadium that existed for 90 years. It was pulled down in 2011 and has ever since been missed by the fans. And that although (or maybe even because) it was an old, rusty, worn down patchwork-rug of a building, in which one stone barely supported the other.

    The sports club behind that is more or less third classy and bankrupt, the town in which the stadium stood in is a dirty labour town, but a good hearted one with very loyal fans. Although we have support from the club as well as the fans and a crowdfunding campaign to come up, there isn't much money to make. We need whatever we get for programs and assets. So our tools and possibilities are very limited.

    What we need
    We have some compositions in stock, made by a befriended student of classical music as well as myself. Most of the tracks will be fakely orchestraded with "ProTools" by that music student. But we still need a pop version of our Title track for promotional purposes as well as the credits.
    The song is VERY SIMPLE in structure and harmonies. Actually it is kinda minimalistic. What we need is a full fleshed arrangement in two versions. One pure instrumental, so that someone can sing our lyrics over it. The other version would be the same, but with an instrumental substitution for the vocals.
    The style of the song is very much 80's pop with high emphasis on bass (and a few little funky references). We don't care in which manner it is arranged ( real instruments or sequenced), as long as it resembles the original composition in a singable way and sports a (semi-)professional sound. And it needs to match the original speed of the composition, since there are some TV-Samples in the mix. Otherwise, we grant full freedom of interpretation

    What we can offer
    Honestly, not much. We don't know how high our fundings will be and most of it will be needed for programms and such. However, we would definetely offer a symbolic share of whatever we get as well as our humble gratitude plus your name in the credits. And there is the option of adding one of your own songs to the soundtrack, if you like to do so (no obligation) . The only catch with that : it needs to be a smashing, pumping rock theme without vocals, suitable for for a Racing Mode featuring radio controlled miniature cars.

    Game and Music
    Below you will find some screenshots as well as two music files. One is the original composition in general midi. Please be reminded: It is a very simple song, so don't expect a big piece of art. The second file is a snippet from our orchestrated adaptation of the tilte track that has no instrument in substtution for the vocals (so there is one layer of music missing)
    We were glad to have someone help us with that, so don't hesitate to contact us via PM or by answering this post.


    (well, I would like to enter an address here, but i am not allowed to before i have 10 posts..
    please look up (www)


    (same here.. sorry)
    Please PM me

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