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Thread: Hi,I wait your comment and help about my drum record

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    Hi,I wait your comment and help about my drum record

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    Hi,I play drum and record my drums with a song.And i mixed this recording.But i think there are some problems in mix.You think how is my record and mix.I waiting your comment and recommendation.Thanks.
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    I like the song. And pretty impressive playing. Did you play it with a band or a pre-mixed track without drums on it?

    What strikes me the most when listening to the track is that the drums are too dominant. In my opinion there are two reasons for this (note that this is just an opinion, no absolute truth :-) )

    1. The volume of the cymbals is too high. They overpower a lot of the other instruments. The snare could be lowered as well I think. Although I like the sound of it.
    2. There's a lot going on, rythm-wise. A lot of percussion and a lot of drumming. I think the song would benefit if you eased down on the number of notes played. I don't know if you also played the percussion parts ? And maybe pan the percussion a bit more.

    I think you are a good drummer. But most of the time, less is more.

    Just my two cents. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your track !

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