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Thread: Need Some Advice!

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    The bass guitar is stereo ... eep. It can work, but keep the low end below 100hz out of the side channels.

    The best tip I can give is to use an RMS meter like Voxengo Span or some sort of LUFS meter and keep the crest factor to something like 8 at the loudest. As it stands, the song is so smashed that it's distorting most bands. This you don't want. The limiter is sucking the life out of the song. Plus the more you smash it into a square wave, the more it will clip and ruin your audio when converted to MP3, m4a etc.

    It's OK to back off on the loudness -- almost no one listens to CDs anymore. Youtube, Spotify, Tidal, Itunes etc will just turn it down if it's louder than their set standards... so you might as well save the trouble and make the final master dynamically loud instead of square wave loud. It will sound objectively better.
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    I almost NEVER listen to mixes, leave alone comment on them. Mainly because I have no qualification to do so and never did have and am also seriously mutton! But! I get very bad sibilance on the vocal.

    Not a WMP artefact because it is there on Abobe Aud' and on my AKG K92s and a pair of cheap JVC foldables.

    As you were.


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    Hi. I need some advice regarding recording from my micro Korg into Logic X via MIDI. I have made a short youtube video that explains my issue, see below. If anyone can help me out it would be V much appreciated. Thanks

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