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Thread: Mastering costs

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    Mastering costs

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    Im getting ready to put and album out and Im wondering whether or not its worth mastering. It sounds pretty good in my car, home stereo, CD player, but it probably could sound better. Around how much do companies charge to master an album? Ballpark

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    don't spend less than 300
    (even that's pretty low)
    seriously, give me negative rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altaire
    Around how much do companies charge to master an album? Ballpark

    Just about any online mastering house will post rates.

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    Often depends on the number of tracks and the experience of the facility.

    Rather than making cost a priority, you should consider the quality of the final master first. There's no use in paying anything unless the facility is going to make your material sound it's best.

    Many facilities offer an evaluation. Listen and then compare quality versus prices.
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