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Thread: Us Pay? After All That Hard Work?

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    Us Pay? After All That Hard Work?

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    I just cannot seem to find a way to share my original music
    with the world without either paying up front "cd-baby"
    "tune-core" etc. Are the only options really to spend
    more money after all that hard work of creation?
    The whole "myspace" thing just seems to be a
    way to express what you love doing. (while you
    fill your computer up with all kinds of ads and
    other crap.) So I guess the question I am
    really trying to find answers for is : How
    do you get the attention of the people
    out there that really make it happen?
    Or are all the rich aristicratic groupies
    too full of friends to give the ones
    that pour their hearts out the
    time of day?

    (Sorry, I'm all better now)
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