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Thread: Freelance work advice

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    Freelance work advice

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    Hi all.

    I do have an old account here, but can't remember the details hence my noob status as this was my backup name. Anyhow, I have my own humble studio setup (largely down to the help I got here many moons ago), and recently I've started working freelance providing all sorts of music projects from karaoke through to loop design, video music and MIDI files. Pretty much anything that pays. It's a fun and satisfying process though slow to get started. But I was after advice and like minded souls who do the same but couldn't find any results when I search the work 'freelance' in topics, or any forums here that seem to cover actually producing music as a career. I know it's not 'home recording' as such, more like the end product. But can anyone point me to the right area or other forums that may be more suitable?

    Thanks. And happy 2017!

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    What type of music? Not sure that even matters.

    A vague answer would be to do a bunch of projects that prove your abilities. Share them then hope to find new clients. Forums are not the best place to sell your talents but it can happen.

    For myself it has been the 30 years I have been in my local music scene and the shit-ton of friends I have made over the years. And what I have learned/experienced over those years as far as recording has given me what some are looking for. They just call me to record them now. I can't say it is anywhere near enough to make a living off of. Maybe a retirement plan when I'm 90...

    And happy new year to you as well!
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