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Thread: Album song order

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    Quote Originally Posted by VomitHatSteve View Post
    Found it!
    Here's the correct way to sequence your album:
    Obviously for a CD
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    Quote Originally Posted by VomitHatSteve View Post
    Yeah, but your formula has a space for the listener to flip over the record, ya dinosaur!

    Really, the most important song is the first one. You need a hook that will grab the listener's attention right away. Then the next two songs need to also be great to keep their attention.
    I think the tendency is for the fourth song to be very different - often much softer - than the first 3. That's probably something to be wary of since it can set the tone for the rest of the album. Listeners might feel like it's a bait-and-switch and sour on the rest of the album.
    Then, of course, the last song should *actually* be the best song on the album, but unmarketable for some reason.
    Got me thinking about Jess and the Ancient One's debut album. The first song is absolutely killer....pulls no punches, full barrel, badass, awesome. I love it, its an amazing song and one of their best. They definitely start with their strongest song. Its also very marketable as a single (they used it for a video promo in Finland).

    But wait, then you get to their last song, and its a long, epic, ballad that's not really marketable, but holy shitballs awesome. Like, I lied, *that* is their best song, and I would even put it on the top 10 songs of all time. Its that good.
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    First song - fades in with wind ... last song - fades out with wind ... so i f you let the cd replay, its not quite continuous, but still flows.

    In between, trying to alternate the overall sound/feel of the songs - as half of them are mostly acoustic guitar, I try not to start two songs in a row with a similar sound, so throw an electric song between them, or a song that starts out wiht 'full band' rather than guitar-only.
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    My thought with my recent album was to make sure the first song was one of the best songs on the album, and one that set the tone for the entire album. I always tried to have different vibes from track to next track. I waited for the 5th song to put the track I was most unsure about, that way I was sure there were 4 solid songs before that track. And I say I was unsure not because I thought it was a bad song by any means, but it was definitely the song that didn'the fit the overall vibe of the album holistically. I also tried to make the last song one of the best.

    If you're really interested, the album is linked in my signature. And I did put a ton of time into getting the track order that is in the final production.

    EDIT: Since my signature isn't showing for some weird reason, here is the album URL -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinky View Post
    But we're not marketing our music for each other. WE all know what's up, THEY don't. So you play by their rules/subconscious designs.
    Well, I'm not marketing my music, but if I was, it would be for US, which is the set of me and everyone who thinks the same way I do about music.
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    Didn't read all the posts, but I'm fairly certain that, overall, the most popular track is usually 3rd on the album. Putting the best track first would be the second most popular method, though I was never a fan of that route. Third or fourth, in my opinion. Gotta have the slower/ballad last or at least near the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fat_fleet View Post
    Well, I'm not marketing my music, but if I was, it would be for US, which is the set of me and everyone who thinks the same way I do about music.
    Are you being intentionally obtuse?

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