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Thread: Get It Right Records / Volume 3 The Mixtape / Lohan Freestyle

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    Get It Right Records / Volume 3 The Mixtape / Lohan Freestyle

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    Watup fam, Volume 3 -- just released last month, free downloads for all who are interested. Don't sleep. Shoutouts to everyone on here, including Beatmakersss! Watup homey! Everyone keep doin' what yall are doin. If anyone has any questions about anything, PM me. If you need recording tips, promo tips, whatever i'm here to help yall. I know I've got tons of help from people on this board and I wanna give back. Hell i know we still could use help too! I hope ya'll enjoy these records. Hopefully there is something for errbody. This is just a promo mixtape. Our retail stuff will be in stores this Winter! peep game! HOLLA.

    Volume 3 is now available for download, as we prepare to ship out everyone's free copy of our latest mixtape.
    To accommodate as many listeners as possible, we have lots of options for downloading. You can download a single track, or stream a single can download the entire mixtape as one long continuous .mp3 file, you can stream the entire mixtape, or you can download a .rar file* containing all of the tracks in one easy to handle folder!

    Regardless of how you listen, whether it be via .mp3, or the actual cd, we hope you all enjoy and spread the word to ya folks, have them sign up to the website or something...Okay, on to the downloads.

    [STREAM] Means you should left click the link and it should begin playing after buffering. This is the prefered method.
    [DOWNLOAD] Means you should right click and select "save target as" to save the file to your computer before playing.
    Use this option if streaming doesn't work, or if you want to save the music to your computer.

    Stream the entire mixtape (Best Option) [STREAM]
    Single .mp3 containing every track [DOWNLOAD] 109 MB
    Single .rar* containg every individual track [DOWNLOAD] 109 MB

    Or, download/stream each individual track as you see fit...
    01. Ain't Gettin' It Right (Bumba & Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    02. Eatin' (Bumba Feat. Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    03. Sexy Dimes (Bumba) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    04. 60 Days (Bumba Feat. Concrete) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    05. Bout That (Bumba Feat. Concrete & Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    06. Made Me Hot (Concrete Feat. Wiz & Bumba) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    07. Hardest (Bumba Feat. Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    08. Gimme The Lime/Step Ya Game Up! (Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    09. Fire Thru The Wire (Wiz) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    10. Aimin At U (Bumba Feat. Concrete) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    11. Ballin' (Bumba) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    12. Internet Action (Bumba Feat. Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    13. Getcha Mind Right (Concrete Feat. Bumba & Fu-Yung) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    14. Damn Gurl (Concrete) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    15. What It Is? (Concrete) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    16. Fame (Bumba Feat. Dave Coleman) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    17. Shawdi Out The Ghetto (Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    18. In Love (Bumba Feat. La Chae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    19. WTFB?! (Freestyle) (Bumba feat. Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    20. Lindsay Lohan Freestyle (Bumba & Jhae) [DOWNLOAD] | [STREAM]
    Ok. Alright.

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    Whatup Jhae- I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but the Lohan and Homewrecker freestyles are fuckin hilarious. I'll check out some more of your stuff when I get a chance.

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    Aww shyt that was ya'll freestylin bout Lynsey Lohan? That song is all over the net!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan1B
    Aww shyt that was ya'll freestylin bout Lynsey Lohan? That song is all over the net!

    LOL, yup, that's us. We got some more stuff coming down the pipeline in the near future. Spread the word...Thanks for ya'lls support.
    Ok. Alright.

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    them tracks are ok, not great by any means, too me it sounds like you have
    to much hi's on your vocals, i like smooth hi's... thats just my opinion

    also the beats aren't that great, IMO a good beat can survive with crappy
    lyrics, but considering what i just heard, i don't think i would want to listen
    to it again.


    Production - 3/5
    Mixing - 1/5
    Lyric Content - 0/5

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