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Thread: At2050/m179/nt1

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    Given the release of NT1, I was unable to locate sufficient discussions arguing between these three.
    I am beginner who looks for a new microphone to start doing rap vocals on. I have spent the last three days looking between various microphones and these three seem the best ones to begin with. My question is, which one would you recommend and why (perhaps, there is a better one?)?
    Prices are similar, so I am looking for THE one.
    I am thinking to go with NT1, as it is the newest one, has a very good response, is an upgrade of NT1-a (which is praised for quality/price ratio), and is commented on greatly in general. I just want to make sure I am making a right choice (maybe, I am missing something?).

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    Go for the AT 2050. The rode has too boosted highs and really does not sound very good on the rap vocals.
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