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Thread: dae -1115 and can't open PT

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    dae -1115 and can't open PT

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    Ok, so i've upgraded. Its had its up and downs, but this I can't seem to get past.

    When I open pro tools it says Dae error -1115 was encountered, i hit ok, and it closes.

    I'm using a gigabyte p35-ds3 mobo, 002r, pt 7.4, win xp service pack 2.

    Very lost.

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    I checked out Digi's site and found this...........

    DAE -6096 or DAE -1115, FireWire communication problems.
    On some Windows XP computers, if a DAE error -6096 or -1115 occur, or you experience random communication problems between Digi 002 and Pro Tools, try disabling "PCI to DRAM prefetch" in the BIOS Setup utility.

    This can be found in the BIOS > Advanced > Chip configuration.

    DAE error -1115 when opening / closing Pro Tools.
    make sure your motherboard's chipset is qualified to run with Digi 002.
    Some SiS chipsets (for example the Sis746 north bridge) are known to have problems handling the communication between Pro Tools LE and the Digi 002, which causes these problems.

    this was seen on a PC running an ECSK7S7AG motherboard with a SiS746 chipset
    Keywords: DigiSupKW DigiSupKW_Answerbase ; PlatformKW_Undefined ; ArticleID 18767 ; OldAnswerbaseID 26600 ;

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    cheers for the reply thajeremy

    after a

    I found

    DAE error -1115 on Launch of Pro Tools LE 6.4cs9 in Windows XP.
    In one case, updating the Pace system files from solved the problem.

    1) Go to
    2) Click on Downloads
    3) Click on Drivers
    4) Download latest Windows Interlok drivers.
    5) Run the installer
    6) Reboot
    7) Launch Pro Tools LE [Page View]

    Seemed random, and for a different version of PT, but I tried it and ZING it worked! mmmm new pc that can run lots of plugins

    It took a week or so to get it built, tweaked and running but now its a beautiful thing.

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