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Thread: Cubase SX with Houston and Motu 896 or Roland2480CD?

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    Cubase SX with Houston and Motu 896 or Roland2480CD?

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    I need some help.
    I have been using a Roland 890 as the center of my home studio.
    I need to add tracks.... so I am thinking about the Cubase SX/Motu896?and Houston controller. I would continue to use the 890 and mix the tracks into Cubase through the Motu...while having the ability to add additionak tracks through the additional channels available on the 896. If I add a 4-bus Mackie mixer...I'm now up in the price range of a Roland 2480CD. So....
    How do you prefer to work?

    Would you go with the Motu/Cubase SX setup or just move up to the 24 track Roland? and why??????

    Any input appreciated

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    i'd go with the sx/896 setup

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