Hey everyone,

last week I bought a Tascam US122. I installed everything, including Cubase, but I still haven't been able to record anything...

The first problem was that I couldnt hear any sound when wanting to play back the recording I just made.
The settings in Cubase are set to the Tascam US122 and so is the sound manager in the control panel.
I could hear myself perfectly when speaking or singing through the microphone (Shure SM58).

Since yesterday I can't hear myself through the mic either... Only when I am in Cubase. This is very strange to me, cause I could hear myself perfectly before and I don't remember changing any settings!
On top of that, when I'm listening to, for example, a song on youtube and then open Cubase, the song sounds higher then before! When I refresh the youtube page, it sounds normal again, but when I go back to Cubase, the song suddenly sounds higher again... This is the strangest thing ever to me...

I would appreciate any help or tips! Thanks!

(English isn't my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes)