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Thread: Tascam 1608 Interface

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    Tascam 1608 Interface

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    I am thinking of getting a Tascam 1608 to run on a laptop with Reaper to record live bands.
    The laptop is a HP 350GI core i3 1.7ghz with 4 gb of ram.
    Will the laptop be ok for this?

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    For tracking, should not be a problem. For mixing, depending on what effects you are using, should do most if not all of the tasks.

    If you record with effects on, might struggle, but that still depends on the effect. That is where you will see the struggle. But that can be remedied as well by freezing your tracks. If you think you might do this, just read up on it. Not a hard concept and pretty straight forward. But how to do it is easily found.
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