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Thread: presonus firestudio project (headphones out)

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    presonus firestudio project (headphones out)

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    i was listening back to a guitar part i recorded today in my head phones (AKG 77s) volume about half way, any louder is just ridiculous. It seems to have a very high output for some reason.

    i noticed on this guitar part that there was some unwanted distortion or clipping. nothing was clipping in my gain staging (using amplitube by the way) this was driving me nuts for awhile.... i then listened back through my monitors (m-audio av40s) and no distortion!!

    has anyone experienced similar noise on playback through headphones?

    many thanks

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    Perhaps your headphones are broken, terrible quality, or you had the volume too loud. I usually have my headphone out on about a third [10 o clock], and it does me fine. Turning a knob all the way up isn't a sign of quality. Just turn it up to a point where it doesn't distort, and is still loud enough for you to hear. If you can't turn it up loud enough to hear before it starts distorting, it's definitely one of the first 2 options.
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