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Thread: New set up driving me crazy

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    Did you/can you post a good example of it?
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    Not sure how to post audio file on here. I have another question for The IT experts. I'm now trying to figure out if I have a hardware [Bad motherboard etc] problem or if it is windows 10, So my question is if I render a 24 bit 44.1k stereo file from the time line of either Reaper or Vegas Edit Pro 14, to a file folder, am I bypassing all windows audio processes or is the rendered file still passing thorough any part of windows 10 that could distort. Thought being If I can render clean 24 bit files if they do not pass through any windows processes then windows 10 and or backround processes might be the likely culprit. For the most part I have eliminated Reaper, Edit Pro 14, Waves plugins, Speaker monitors and sound cards and out of date drivers.

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