I have been scanning these forums for a while now, and would like to put a question to you guys: I am getting into recording, and have a Roland VS 1880 digital 18 track Porta Studio. I would like to start with PC recording. For the moment I only want the following connections:

S/PDIF coax to allow digital recording from my Digitech GNX2 Guitar Pedal
MIDI for Digitech firmware updates and syncing to portastudio
Powered XLR inputs for microphone recording

I figured that my portastudio can be used as the mixing desk and a preamp for live recorded things, so I dont really need XLR inputs on the soundcard (although they would be nice). I am now looking at PCI cards as it does not need to be portable and USB seems to be a bit unreliable. Any tracks recorded on the portastudio could then be S/PDIF'ed to the PC (seems the best way for PC-Roland data transfer).

So basically, what soundcard would you suggest that would give me MIDI I/O, and S/PDIF I/O? My favourites are:

M Audio Audiophile PCI
E-MU 0404 or 1212
Delta 1010LT (bit too pricey)

My PC's spec is:
P4 3.0Ghz
40Gb Program Drive
120 Gb Data Drive

I am using Cool Edit Pro, but will get a version of Cubase on ebay if none comes with the new card.

Heres links for reference:

Cheers guys, I really appreciate any comments,