Here's What I have.
Toshiba Laptop (1.8 Ghz Celron)
256 Mb Mem
Win XP Home
Soundblaster MP3+ USB soundcard
Behringer Mixer
M-Audio Oxygen 8
Fender Strat
Johnson Acoustic Electric Guitar
Magix Midi Studio 5

Here's what I want to do. I like acoustic music, and I have no problem recording any of that. I have used Magix to record audio, and to program, or draw, enter, whatever, MIDI tracks. I like working with it, and to me it sounds good. However, after installing my Oxygen 8, I can't get my program to record or play my new keyboard. I realize this is an old program, but it recognizes the keyboard (it's the chosen input device), but when I hit the keys, nothing happens. The Oxygen 8 works, because it works fine with Reason Adapted that comes with it. All I want it for is to record some real time bass and keyboard lines. Also. I have a Roland SPD-11 that I would like to trigger via the midi out on the Oxygen, but I will deal with that later. Any help would be appreciated.
(PS) everything else in my setup works great, just not the keyboard.