I'm starting to plan the next studio upgrade, which is the back end. I'm contemplating a dedicated hard disc recorder such as Alesis HD24. What I need to figure out is what kind of console to go through, and how to export those tracks in a format that can be understood by a Pro Tools based studio. Down the road, I'll be wanting to do some processing in the pc or digital console.
As far as the mixer, I don't anticipate ever needing more than 8 simultaneous tracks, but I don't want them summed by some bus in a mixer. I also need inserts to bypass the pres in the mixer for at least 2-4 tracks at a time. The question is, would the Digidesign 002 so it, or the rack mount 002 combined with a decent mixer? Most of the signals will be coming from outboard pres or modelers. Second question- can I dump to the PC from the 002 without an additional soundcard?
I understand front ends pretty well, but my digital interface/PC knowledge is pretty close to zero. I'm looking to use a hard drive but process and export tracks in Pro Tools. I'm also considering just getting a good console and Sonar 3. How about some suggestions? This is a real weak area for me.-Richie