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Thread: FAT Partition Problem with Tascam DP-02

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    FAT Partition Problem with Tascam DP-02

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    I'm new here!
    And this is my 1st post.
    Any way I'm having a problem with the FAT Partition on my Tascam Dp-02.
    Each time I try to export a Master Track from the unit to my imac I get the message that the 'Master Track Is To Big'. The manual suggests connecting the unit to the computer and freeing up some space on the FAT partition.
    I have done this (at least I think I have) but still nothing!
    There should be 16GB of space on the FAT partition. But when I hook it up to the computer it tells me there is only 63.9MB available space!

    Any one out there can help me?
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    Cool Try clearing history

    Before you created the Master did you clear history?
    There is a description of this in manual and I've discovered that this history of editing and saves can get large.

    Once the history is cleared create Master again and try it again.

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