Listen Folks, I got a dandy of a problem. No not Herpes:tongue:But Sound card 1212m/Patchmix DSP/Vista 64 bit OS/Sonar 7!!!

First of all let me say thanks in advance to anybody or thing who replies, cause I'm desperate.
I've been using the 1212m with windows XP for more than 3 years now with Sonar 7 ADAT, and Patchmix DSP, with out a glitch. Now my computer went belly up a week ago so I got a new computer. Its an HP with core 2 Quad CPU, 4 gig of RAM, and running on VISTA 64 bit. I put the 1212m sound card in and it seems to be reading the 1212 as installed. I downloaded v2.1driver creative labs inc. Hear are my problems. 1) Using ADAT Sonar 7 edition I'm having big trouble configuring Patchmix DSP. 2) Whenever I open up Patchmix it gives me a Patchmix DSP error!! "You don't appear to have sufficient emu hardware to load the session in your system.....yadda-yadda! 3) Whenever I try to add a strip to my patchmix an error comes up from microsoft "Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime library....Runtime Error.....This application has has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way...yadda-yadda!!

Please Help....I'm desp[erate to make music !!!