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Thread: Dac ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davethewave View Post
    so,if the signal being sent to the speakers is converted back to Analog then what's
    the point of the Digital phase?The fact that you end up with Analog.

    When we use a computer to record and manipulate audio, we don't convert to digital as a choice.
    It's essential.

    A computer can't store analog audio. It needs to make a digital representation of it.
    We can't hear that digital representation. It needs to be converted to analog.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grawlf View Post
    That's a tad too much terminology. What do you mean by 'mix'?
    Quote Originally Posted by Steenamaroo View Post
    No VST can emulate that smell.

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    Well, my last recording was to computer because I needed the desk space. hahah I'm going to disk recorders because I can just push the record button. That's simplicity and convenience in regards to the posters question. I might of gone to the 15ips deck that's on the desk, but it was a youtube game and needed a digital version, anyway

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