hey guys i have a simple question. i need an interface that is going to be used for home recording. i am only a guitar player and nothing else. however, i do alot of mixing for my friend who has amazing tracking capabilities at his place. so i do the mix after he tracks. now that being said i want to use outboard gear. such as a compressor or guitar processor so i need more outputs. i need the same number in and out. i have been looking at a few interfaces. the tascam us 1800, the presonus firestudio project and the m audio delta 1010. i dont need all the inputs on the front as it makes the back in from effects a little harder. i used to use a digi 001 interface and it was exactly what im describing. 2 mics on the front and all the i/o on the back. anyone have any feedback on any of these devices? i should add that i use a windows 7 64 bit pc.