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Thread: Best (Value) MIDI Software for PC

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    Best (Value) MIDI Software for PC

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    I'm having a really tough time getting to grips with MIDI, I'm good with audio equipment, good with PC's but MIDI defeats me at every turn.

    Right now I own a crappy keyboard and a m-audio $50 MIDI interface. Generally this works but I don't have good MIDI recording software. This week I purchased an e-mu x-board and I could not get the software to work or the keyboard.

    I think part of my problem lies in the MIDI recording software.

    So what's the recommendation for MIDI software, something that I will not need a bank loan to pay for.

    Thanks a lot.

    Edit: Oops should have posted this in the MIDI forum

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    You can do pretty much anything with CubaseSE ($99) and it'll do audio, too.

    A lot of folk swear by PowerTracksPro (<$50)

    But with CubaseSE you're buying into a very industry-standard package....

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