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Dave, I apologize for owning one of those Bugera clones! If I had known you worked there prior to my last post I would have never admitted I owned one. Blackstars are very cool amps, but the Beri model was almost half the price. It’s just a 5w job that I use for recording. The only other Beri product I own is an ADA8200 which I don’t use anymore since my AI’s no longer have ADAT interfaces. I don’t think too highly of the older Beri products but I haven’t tried any of their newer products. But hey, the Bugera has lasted about a year so far. It’s not something I would ever take out of the house and bounce around.
Oh! Don't apologise L'! I do understand and it is with Beri/Bugera that I have the beef. The ADA units are quite well respected by many in the audio industry. The original unit was nobody's rip pff AFAIK? The mic pre amps are a hybrid design that has been around for decades and converters are well, Converters! The pres were not I understand THAT good for noise and the PSU of poor design that tended to cook. Nonetheless, the boxes were I understand easily good enough to cover loud sources, a drum kit e.g. The 8200 addressed several original shortcomings and is a very worthwhile unit at an attractive price.

I have owned several Behringer products. I have an X802 mixer in a bedroom amping up mics in the garden, has not been off for 5 years! I had a BCA2000. Brilliant device, highly original design (think the much later SPL Crimson!) but flawed with rubbish drivers and poor reliability. Anyone in UK want mine for spares? FREE!
The UCA 202 is really very good for 25 and I bought the RIAA variant a few months ago. Behringer have some very clever design people onboard, why they "spoil the ship" ripping people off I do not know!

So! Enjoy your little 'Bugger' with my blessing! (not that you need it)