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    Quote Originally Posted by rainton View Post
    So, this is the plan and in the meantime I started working on it. Making my first steps to create some content that I will make available here as soon as I feel it's good enough to be shared. Hoping, it will be a good starting point to create a community & project related knowledge base.

    Just to make it clear - all the information & knowledge that has already been gathered on these projects is not my merit alone! Many others who started to follow my projects and build their own legendary pieces of gear based on my work, already contributed a lot and even co-developed solutions... basically the seed is already there - now we need a proper soil
    Late to the thread, but I am really impressed with your (and anyone else who was involved in the builds) work. I started researching how to build a passive EQ and read a lot on the DIYER site about their kits where you order one and all the directions are given to you. This seems a step up from that, but not that much more complicated. I'll have to read more about what you posted but I for one am very into doing something like this. You did some incredible work. Thanks for posting and welcome!

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    Ok guys,

    sorry for the silence the last couple of days - in the meantime I was very busy working on the first steps to bring this idea to life!
    Thanks for your great feedback and responses!! They made me aware of many things I didn't think of before - but beyond, it motivated me a lot to get something going now!!

    So as mentioned in one of my last posts I already started to work on some good content and I think now I can finally share some of it.

    With a little help of some close friends I launched a first initial "website" with a video to outline how we could approach this and what could be happening in 2018. It's still pretty basic, but I think itís a good starting point.

    If you followed this thread so far and like the basic idea - please check it out and let me know what you think!

    I really think youíll like it.
    And if you do please leave me a comment right there on the page - I think this could help us a lot to build up a community.

    Thanks again guys! I think we should keep this exchange of thoughts going!


    P.S.: hereís a little teaser for one of my upcoming projects (some of you might know already) - my DIY re-creation of a UA176 from scratch:

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