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Thread: Another Akai MG1212.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetbeats View Post
    Sorry to hijack and be an opportunistic bastard, but I currently have a PAIR of MG1212 units for sale with:

    * operations and service manuals
    * three MK20J tapes (two of them NOS in seals plastic!!)
    * a set of you’ll-never-ever-find-these calibration tapes
    * a pair of new idler tires

    They are project machines, but pass audio and one of the transports is working (load, eject, and all transport functions working). I’m not interest in shipping them unless the buyer wants to handle contracting something like craters and freighters or something like that, but I am willing to drive some distance to meet a buyer who is committed to purchase.

    I’m currently asking $400USD for the whole affair, but am open to offers. Have a heart...I have four kids from my previous marriage and my wife and I are expecting...and we just survived Christmas.

    They bundle is currently up on eBay and craigslist.

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    Hah, I saw that ad on CL. That's a good asking price.

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    Well and I finally just caved and split the bundle up a bit. So now it’s $245 for the two MG1212 units with operation and service manuals and a couple new idler tires. The NOS tapes and the cal tapes are now in separate listings.

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