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Thread: Ampex 196 1 inch Tape

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    Ampex 196 1 inch Tape

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    Has anyone tried using Ampex 196 for audio recording? Would this tape work on say a Tascam MSR 24?

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    While there aren't many so many people running C-format machines, that stuff isn't being made anymore and it would be a shame for people who do need it if it was wasted on application it was never designed for. Especially when new tape that is actually supposed to be used for audio is being made.

    As for using it on an MSR-24, the manual says it's designed for 1.5 mil tape. I'm not sure what thickness C-format videotape is, but it's 1.0 at most, quite probably less. I would expect the transport to stretch it unless you were very, very careful.

    Also you will need to re-bias the machine, all 24-tracks of it, to match a formulation which it was not intended to use. Maybe that's your idea of fun, but in all honesty, I would just get some SM911 and be done with it.

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    I simply would not go there...I dumpstered some 196 years ago for the precision reels...the stuff was definitely under 1mil. I just would NOT go there.

    Its video tape. 'nuf sed.
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