Hi All,

I’m pleased to introduce Ecliptiq Audio’s latest product: Vault. A versatile Kontakt library featuring 150 handcrafted 808 patches. The custom interface offers all the important parameters to tweak your samples to perfection. With the ADSR, the dry/wet and the portamento knobs you can take full control of your track’s low-end.


You can listen some demo songs made with Vault here:
Ecliptiq Audio - Vault Demo Beats - YouTube

Vault now comes with 2 bonus sample packs featuring 300 additional high quality bass drum and 808 samples.

You can get Vault and the bonus packs for $25 here:
Vault – Ecliptiq Audio

If you have any question about the product feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly answer.

Thanks for your time and support.

Peter from Ecliptiq Audio