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Thread: Drum VST which makes mixing drums easy.

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    Drum VST which makes mixing drums easy.

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    Logic has a drum VST (drummer plugin) in which you can tweak your drum sounds. You put the recorded virtual drums on a loop with your other loops, then you can choose a Snare, a Floortom, etc untill all the drum sounds blend in with your guitar bass etc.

    I don't have Logic. Is there a VST which can do similar things in Cubase?

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    You mean something like Superior Drummer? You can do all the mixing within the VST.
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    Do you want to go the proprietary route (Addictive Drums, EZ/Superior Drummer, BFD, Steven Slate, etc.) that primarily wants to be fed only by the manufacturer or do you want to freely forage any samples/loops you come across or already have?

    If you want a VST that allows you to assign your own loops or one-shots to channels or pads or keys, and then allows you to tweak them, you might want to check out Strike and Transfuser in the AIR Music Tech AIEP3 upgrade bundle ($75, which will also include almost all of their other VST instruments and plugins). If you already own an AIR VSTi (or Xpand!2 or Hybrid3, which were recently available either free or for $1), you qualify for the upgrade.
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    You can still get Hybrid3 in this $6 bundle to qualify:
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    Freebies to check out that just might do what you want: Drum VST, virtual instruments, Drum loops, Samples - Free - Page 5

    Some other commercial VSTs that might be what you're looking for are BreakTweaker, Geist (currently on sale), NI's Battery, Polyplex, Arsenal, lots of Kontakt instruments---there's a number of them out there. There's probably someone around here that has even better suggestions. There's a lot of stuff out there. I just Googled "drum vst" and "pad controller vst" and got a load of stuff that I'm unfamiliar with. I hope someone can help you target the package for your workflow.

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