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Thread: What do I need to buy along with the MXL V67G. To make it work??

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    What do I need to buy along with the MXL V67G. To make it work??

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    First time buyer here. I need to know exactly what to order from amazon along with my MXL V67G. (Just Phantom power?) or (should I get a Preamp?) (Or an Icicle?)
    Do they come with the cables you need? Do I have to buy them seperate? I have no prior equipment except a computer.

    1. I am looking for the cheapest items. (Im on a small budget)
    2. I will be using it for Home recording Acoustic + Vocals. (Unplugged guitar, No Pick up)
    3. How many CHORDS/CABLES do I need to buy (XLR/Power) to make Mic + Power/Preamp RUN?
    4. It needs to include a USB port to plug into my computer. Most Phantom powers ive seen do not have this?
    5. Im looking for the Phantom Power/Preamp/ That is the easiest to set up.

    I basicly want to make one purchase online and be able to plug all the components together and make it run. (No guitar shops close to me)

    Question about sound cards. Im running a 150$ ASUS sabertooth mother board. Do I need to buy a soundcard as well?

    100$ MXL V67G is a good deal? Should I maybe buy something else? If so please let me know, Thank You.
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    Like you, I am an advocate for MY money and like to do my homework before I spend it. You have asked questions that have many combinations of possible answers. However, there are many experts on this forum who can give you some quality feedback on gear choices that you are considering.

    From what I read in your questions, your simplest solution is Mic>>XLR to XLR cable>> USB Audio Interface>>USB Cable (usually included with the USB audio interface)>> Computer Recording Software. For example, my first audio chain was Condensor mic>>M-Audio Fast Track Pro>>Computer.

    Research USB Audio Interface and you will see many options for connecting 1,2,3,4+ inputs. Typically, these budget interfaces will have preamps built in and 48v Phantom Power for condensor mics. The USB audio interface will act as an external sound card, and interface with your computer through the USB cable.

    From the Newbie Forum Stickies, here is a good post to read and save you money... I like it because the knowledge is free:

    I hope this has given you some guidance.
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