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Thread: Which part of this thing did I manage to destroy? (Samson S感hantom)

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    Which part of this thing did I manage to destroy? (Samson S感hantom)

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    OK... A while ago, I made an idiotic mistake.
    I was in the middle of hooking up my gear and I accidentally plugged the same XLR cable into both the input and the output, effectively creating a feedback loop (right? I guess... or completing some kind of circuit...) between the two.

    By the time I realized my mistake and shut off the unit, some damage had apparently been done. It emits a constant hum when hooked up through the input/output in question (labeled as 'MIC 1') whereas the other input/output ('MIC 2') is clear. Normally, I'd just say 'OK, well, I'll just use the other input,' which is what I've been doing. However, 'MIC 1' also has some type of a signal splitter that allows you to have the signal sent to two devices by way of a quarter inch output in addition to the normal XLR output. This would come in handy for something I need to do. So, what did I do to damage this thing and can I fix it? Thank you all in advance for your input (no pun intended)!

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    Impossible to say, particularly without a schematic. You could have blown out the phantom resistors at the mic inputs, or you could have blown the output stage by applying 48V.

    You're going to need a tech for this one. Contact Samson tech support in the first instance for further advice.
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